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Vetting Inspections: A Detailed Analysis Seminar 12-13 March 2019, İstanbul Marriott Otel Asya

Title of the Seminar: Vetting Inspections: A Detailed Analysis

Date: 12 & 13 March 2019

Place: Istanbul Marriott Hotel Asia

Time: 09:00 – 17:30 Hrs


Course Objectives:


Understanding of the principles and objectives behind the vetting process.

The course shall provide ship operators with a means by which they can be efficiently prepared for vetting inspections and be able to demonstrate a strong and continuous commitment to safety and environmental excellence.


Since the seventh edition of the Vessel Inspection Questionnaires (VIQ) had been recently released by OCIMF, this Seminar is an added value detailing to the differences with the previous edition and moreover acting as gap analysis on that.




The 7th edition has undergone an extensive revision process which has brought the VIQ up to date with respect to changes in legislation and best practices. Non-relevant questions have been deleted and the overall set of questions has been reduced by up to 90 questions. Notably a new chapter (Chapter 7) has been developed to cover Maritime Security including Cyber Security. The section on Mooring (Chapter 9) has been significantly reviewed to incorporate the revisions and best practices that will be introduced in the Mooring Equipment Guidelines, Fourth Edition (MEG4).




• Chapter 1. General Information

• Chapter 2. Certification and Documentation

• Chapter 3. Crew Management

• Chapter 4. Navigation and Communications

• Chapter 5. Safety Management

• Chapter 6. Pollution Prevention

• Chapter 7. Maritime Security

• Chapter 8. ▪ Cargo and Ballast Systems – Petroleum

                      Cargo and Ballast Systems – Chemicals


• Chapter 9. Mooring

• Chapter 10. Engine and Steering Compartments

• Chapter 11. General Appearance and Condition

• Chapter 12. Ice Operations


Source:Alpha Marine Türkiye